Why you should start having an all-hands meeting at your company?

Whether your company is made up of 100 or 1,000 people, all-hands meetings are unique opportunities to keep all your employees updated on everything business-related and strengthen your company values. 


Done well, these meetings can easily become the most important meetings on your yearly company agenda. Let's look at the 5 reasons why they are so invaluable.  


1. Reach alignment in the team


All-hands meetings (or town halls) provide a space for sharing business updates with the rest of the team and keep everybody in the picture.   


A good practice is to spend about one-third of the meeting reviewing the key numbers and metrics such as sales, revenues, net retention, NPS, whichever are the most important for you.


These meetings are also great chances to bridge the gap between different departments. Invite leaders of multiple departments to share the stage so your employees get an overview of what others are working on.


2. Boost team morale


What better chance to celebrate people and their achievements than at the all-company meeting? Celebrating people is as important as business updates and successes. 


Summarize the seasonal highlights and give separate shout-outs to the teams or individuals who made them possible. 


You can also give your employees the power to choose their heroes via a 'Silent Hero' activity. Let every member of the team nominate a person who, in their opinion, did an exceptional job and encourage them to submit their silent hero's name into a Slido word cloud poll


3. Give everyone a voice


Q&A is an important part of every all-hands meeting so leave at least 20% of the time to your employees' questions. 


Start collecting questions for your all-hands a couple of days before the meeting and let your employees ask during the meeting itself. 


A great way to do it is via a live Q&A platform. This way, you will get far more questions than by passing a mic around and you'll be able to uncover more burning issues.

4. Strengthen your company culture


Your all-company meetings are one-of-a-kind moments to demonstrate your company's culture and enforce it.


Give your employees a voice by running a transparent Q&A. Let them raise their concerns and build trust by providing them with honest answers. 


These meetings are also great opportunities to review your company's mission and giving your employees a higher sense of purpose. Let them know that their work makes a difference. After all, your all-hands meetings are for the people and about the people.


5. Connect the HQ with remote teams


For a company with teams scattered around the globe, all-hands is that one time you can get as many people from your company together as possible and connect the ones working remotely to the HQ. 


If you have people joined at your meeting online, make their experience as smooth as possible. Make sure the AV works perfectly, welcome them, encourage them to participate and address them repeatedly during the meeting. 


This makes the people in the room more aware of the online team and fosters the feeling of togetherness.

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