Why digital giveaways are the medium of the future

Giveaways as advertising media will continue to be one of the most important instruments. Not always necessary for direct sales or registrations to your event, but to increase awareness and interest of potential customers and to foster relationships with your partners, sponsors and organizers.

Imagine the following situation – at a trade fair or other event you get a great giveaway, someone else sees it, thinks it is interesting and wants to know where it is from. The interest of the next potential event participant of your event was aroused.

Stand out from the crowd

Almost every organizer uses giveaways for understandable reasons – so it’s understandable that you quickly sink into the crowd. If that’s the case, you’ll end up squandering large costs without any added value. Therefore, it is essential to stand out from the crowd and distribute giveaways that do not neglect the main idea, but nevertheless differ enormously from those of the competition.

The trend is towards digital giveaways

Just as almost every work process is digitized, the trend also tends towards the digitization of giveaways, although this is not particularly easy. But imagine that you are at an event with the certainty of having an infinite number of giveaways with you – this is of course not possible with the haptic variant. The digital distribution is also much easier and much more effective. After you have shared your digital advertising medium with your event participant and he likes it, his first step is to share it with his friends or at least to tell them about it. Directly relevance arises with the next potential event participant. In the best case, they will continue to deal with your event and register for it. In this way you will easily increase the number of participants, or at least the level of awareness. If they share it now on their social media channels, you have the chance to profit from their social reach. The most important thing – you don’t have any more effort after handing it over to your participants!

How can digital giveaways look like?

Of course, this all sounds very exciting, but how can digital giveaways look like? That depends on the target group of your event. If you organise a sports event, vouchers for an online sports retailer are very attractive. At a conference about the latest event technologies for example, a free trial access for the latest product is an enormous added value for your participants as an advertising medium. In both cases, not only the awareness of your partner, sponsor or exhibitor will be increased, but direct sales can also be a result! A real added value!

As you can see, this has not only advantages for you, you are also promoting the relationship with your partners enormously. Of course, they prefer to work with you if they can see a benefit. And this is more than attractive by direct selling with the right target group.

As an organizer, how can I distribute digital giveaways?

Once the question has been answered as to whether the digital version of advertising offers is a real added value, the problem arises of how to hand them over to the participants. Of course, this process also takes place via digital technologies. With eventbaxx for example you can make the offers of your partners, sponsors or exhibitors available to your participants on a digital platform. Best of all, you see the interactions directly in the system and you can hand them over to your partners. You can evaluate the ROI directly without effort and thus show them the added value your event offers them. In this way you eliminate the widespread problem of keeping sponsors for follow-up events.


To put all in nutshell you can see that the hype for digital giveaways is real. You don’t just stand out from the crowd, but offer your partners, sponsors and exhibitors enormous added value and simplify the transfer of content to their target group (your participants).

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