Vanity Metrics is Not Business Intelligence

Analytics —  we all want them, we all need them, but we don’t know what to do with them. Why is that? The problem is we rely on vanity metrics; data that measures adoption but doesn’t measure app absorption which can give you the proper knowledge to improve future strategies.
SpotMe once said Adoption is Not Engagement, today I say Vanity Metrics is Not Business Intelligence.
How to Spot Vanity Metrics
Vanity metrics at an event can be anything from the number of registrations, total content downloads, page visits and session views to name a few. The easiest way to identify vanity metrics is to ask yourself  “Can this information give me tactical actions to trigger new activities and keep my participants engaged?” If the answer is no, then you are dealing with vanity metrics.
Improving the Future of your Events
SpotMe has designed an analytics suite that will help companies focus on making actionable changes to their app in order to improve the success of their events. The tools in this suite will help bring changes to the app design, navigation, content and layout, and give scientific methods to take specific actions that will trigger new activities and ensure participants remain engaged.  These metrics tell a story collecting data from active users, total engagement patterns, identifying top features, measuring the frequency of visits, total visits per participant, most downloaded content or materials and adoption trends.
3 core components to consider:
1. The ability to optimize Content Effectiveness by examining the relevance from the number of views per document, presentation, video or training materials.
2. Boosting Participant Engagement by measuring the intensity, frequency and timing of participants interacting with the app.
3. Tracking the Navigation Behavior of participants and understanding how participants consume and interact with the content by pinpointing bottlenecks, drop-off rates
Applying Business Intelligence
Content is King! We’ve been hearing this powerful quote by Bill Gates for over 10 years. As there is plenty of truth in his statement, you have to admit what good is content if it’s not being adopted? From our experience, in average, 60% of the app content is simply ignored by participants. What does this mean to you? That you are wasting away hours, weeks and months of gathering, downloading and updating content that is not being seen. It’s time to cut the fat!
Content Effectiveness metrics consist of profiles, sessions, presenters, documents and shelves, pages, forms and sponsors. This data will highlight the content that is being consumed the most so you can eliminate what is being ignored. You might be looking around the room right now asking your colleague; “Don’t we need to load EVERYTHING in the app?” The answer is No. While moving everything from paper to web makes perfect sense, there’s a misconception of moving everything from web to mobile. Simplifying your app content architecture will improve the efficiency of participants absorbing content while cutting your prep time by only integrating and updating content that is King.
Engagement is like a roller coaster. Just when engagement is reaching its peak, there comes a moment when it drops. Don’t start panicking now, this is normal! Instead of waiting for the engagement level to pick back up, with the participant engagement metrics which measures app usage, most used features and usage funnel, you can instantly create interactivity moments like a word cloud, an augmented reality quiz or a leaderboard game to bring the back the energy of your event.  While you will always encounter low engagement moments during an event, our participant engagement metrics will help maintain the level of engagement at a steady rate so it doesn’t fully drop and crash.
Furthermore, these engagement insights are also key for longer engagement timeframes and gauging the short, mid and long-term frequency of visits to how often your participants come back to your app. You can create benchmarks of actual data to make predictable tactics to your future events and improve the success of your app.
Navigate your event. with endless ways of interacting with the app it’s not only important to see how your participants engage on the app, but also to see how they spend their time inside the app. This information will allow you to immediately pinpoint popular patterns, drop off points or bottlenecks in which you will reposition elements within your app to move content to a more 
An event is an experience, it is a journey and it is a story that you are writing together with your participants. Get the most of your event with true business intelligence and don’t rely on vanity metrics.
Article written by Alexandra Tamashiro, Marketing Manager at SpotMe.
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