Session Format: Move those Chairs

The start is an empty room. We set up chairs with participants in 12 different ways, and we do 12 different techniques. All setups result in different ways of discussing (our topic is interaction but could be anything) with 2, 3 or 6 participants in a small group. Sounds dynamic? It’s probably the best session for some serious action and interaction ever. It is surprising, fun, makes participants move and they all love it.
It is an eye-opener to the fact that chairs can move and that participants can help move chairs. It is a lot of fun.

  1. It shows many different techniques to involve participants in any topic. 80% of the time is for C&I (Conversations & Input). It is experiential learning.
  2. We discuss interaction and use C&I as the main learning engine. We are interactive while discussing interaction

The Meetign Design Institute brings this tipe of training to organisations and companies arround the world. for training you can keep an eye on our Website or simply organise your own, in-house training. The session in the above picture took place at Education Monday at IMEX Frankfurt, 2019.  Sponsored by FestivalChairs


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