Participate in the livestream: Hybrid event build on interactive concepts

Anyone who is invited to a conference today can now attend from the comfort of their home. Now, with 'hybrid events', parts of the audience are spatially separated: a part is present at the event, the virutal participants participatee live via the internet. All of this is possible, thanks to video streaming.

With hybrid meetings, participants are encouranged to be active from afar. Audience response tools such as teambits:interactive enable equal audience participation for all participants. 


Hybrid events are based on interactive concepts

Hybrid conferences are particularly suitable for widely distributed public, whose expenses for travel and accommodation otherwise exclude participation. This may be events within companies with multiple locations as well as association meetings or even community meetings.

The savings in travel and environmental costs of hybrid events is offset by a small additional technical effort, which remains controllable through the conception and planning of the Event. Powerful and experienced service providers such as teambits ensure in the background IT infrastructure, Internet bandwidth and data security.


Advantages of a hybrid Event at a glace:

  • enables the data-safe participation of people all over the world
  • opens up the possibility for direct dialogue with the target group
  • In the course of the event, participants develop information that can be evaluated in real time
  • interactive: All participants (on site and virtually) can communicate with each other in writing and work together in terms of content
  • Enables intensive personal exchange in subgroups
  • Travel and environmental costs are saved
  • Through an online archive, the information compiled by the participants remain accessible for a longer period of time, even retrospectively


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