Your Call for Papers checklist

Sending out a Call for Papers or Call for Abstracts for your conference is a standard part of any organizers’ job. To ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible and that your request is reaching the right academics, we’ve put together a ten-step checklist to help you create and promote your next Call for Papers.

Pitbull sinks teeth into interaction.

Ready to sink your teeth into interaction? 

Some meeting designers are starting to give up on speakers, because speakers can't seem to get interaction embedded into their presentations. Are they too stressed or too focused to do anything else besides their presentation? Or are they just not skilled or capable in this kind of work? 

REPORT: Training "The Best of Meeting Design Technology in a Day" | Barcelona November 2017

Meetings are becoming more interactive and new methods and technology are changing the role of meeting planners. The training "The Best of Meeting Design Technology" was designed to help planner discover innovative tools that can improve the effectiveness of their meetings and events.


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