FRESH15 Keynote: How Events Link the WOW to the AHA (30 min video)

Sharing ideas and networking often give a rise to new ideas. Innovation is therefore something that happens at meetings and events. Horge Perez, director of innovation at the I+ED Lab network, talks about his experience with events at large corporations and how he connects it with his passion for design and innovation.

The FRESH15 Opening Session

And here we go… FRESH15 is officially open. After the boxing entrance, Maarten Vanneste, host and firestarter of the FRESH conference, kicked off FRESH15 and welcomed 204 participants from 14 different countries; an 25% increase from the last year.

Maarten set the stage of the conference by introducing the FRESH15 theme; ART that will cope with a wide range of art forms - visual art, copywriting, slides design, music, painting and many more.


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