GDPR, eight months on

The general data protection regulation (GDPR) was the most critical change in privacy laws in 20 year and caused a lot of grey hairs in our industry. Now, half a year after enforcement, what have we learnt and how can we make things better?

The good news is that event managers are much more conscious of the importance of data security. The not-so good news is that we see most of you struggling to adapt to the new requirements.

Why engagement won’t be enough in 2019

Time and time again, keynote speakers are holding their sessions about one central objective: engagement. Event audiences in the past were merely passive spectators, but today, with sophisticated technology available at our fingertips, we need to engage attendees. Apps, slide sharing software and passive engagement technologies are the isntruments PCOs have at their disposal to boost engagement. The client’s expectations is to have some guidance as to which technologies to pack into their event in order to maximise the number of interactions. 


Two steps to better Q&A

They say that “silence is golden,” but try telling that to the pitied Q&A facilitator, left begging a silent room for more questions.

“Any other questions …?” “No? …” “Nothing at all then …?” “Um, ok, well … early break then.”

How to monetize your event app in 2019

Event apps aren’t a new technology – in fact, they’ve become a staple at most events. Another thing that isn’t new to the space is the idea of monetizing your app by selling ad space to sponsors and exhibitors. We have all read the articles around 10 ways to monetize your event apps. Yet, most methods are tired and overused. It is time to modernize the way that we generate sponsorship revenue in our app to be more impactful and compelling for our sponsors, and more valuable for our attendees.


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