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We started Superevent because we noticed that meeting people and networking is increasingly   becoming the main reason to attend professional events, while the content is the shared interest that connects us.

This got us thinking, because the networking tools that organizers provide are non-existent or basic at best.
When was the last time you got access to the attendee
list? Or did you not…

With Superevent we aim to provide the best tools to facilitate (professional) meetings and events, for all stakeholders.


case: MPI Finland organised a panel discussion on 'Objectives based Meeting Design'.
At a limited cost they have used some of our short video’s to fire up the panel.
1 Introduction video: Who is Maarten Vanneste ( 1minute)
2 Video: what are meeting objective and how do we discover them? (3 minutes)
3 How do we design meeting based on objectives (2.5 minutes)
4 Some key issues when designeing meetings (3 minutes)

TapCrowd: Connecting the online and physical world through mobile.

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Mobile communications platform

The TapCrowd app building platform allows event organisers to easily create a professional mobile app for their event. The platform offers all necessary functionality to offer the best mobile event app available today to your visitors. Updating content or changing the look and feel of your app is easy as pie. Updates are live instantly!

For trade shows, conferences and corporate events

IMEX13 Frankfurt FRESH Dinner

FRESH dinner is the place where you meet others with an interest in the content side of meetings. You will have the opportunity to meet meeting planners, meeting designers, facilitators, ROI specialists, technology suppliers, actors etc. Our last dinner at IMEX Frankfurt was a great success and was sold out with more than 120 people.

Content is not Education by MidCourse Corrections

Let’s get one thing straight: Content is not education!
If content was education, then all of us would be very knowledgeable because we have information at our fingertips through the internet.

But content is not education. Just as information and data is not education.

Offering Content Is Not Enough

People attend conferences for two primary reasons:

1. Education

2. Networking


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