More than Q&A format to satisfy the audience by MidCourse Corrections

Q&A no longer qualifies as a leading indicator of audience engagement.

Still stuck on that weary Q&A model?

It’s making you look so yesterday… and it’s one more reason why conference audiences are tuning out, particularly the Next Generation attendees. If we expect to maintain and grow our audiences, it’s time to get them more involved throughout the session — and in more dynamic and forward-leaning ways.

The FRESH conference 2014 Joined by GMIC's ESEC

The FRESH Conference and the European Sustainable Events Conference join forces in unique collaboration in Copenhagen. From January 26th to 29th, 2014, the FRESH Conference is organized back to back with the 2014 European Sustainable Events Conference (ESEC). FRESH - the leading Meetings Design Conference and ESEC offer event professionals a single stop solution to increase their skills and contacts in strategic meeting design and sustainable event planning.

The Evolution Of Onsite Conferences: 26 Trends Coming To An Event Near You

The traditional conference meeting experience is out! People today are looking for unusual, new, innovative conference experiences. They don’t want to attend last year’s annual meeting that just changed the filler. They want something that feels as fresh as their first conference experience. They want an original experience.

1. Increased Attendee Expectations
Average is not enough. Status quo is out. It feels like luke-warm, wet, soft, Melba Toast.

Five Ways To Combine Conference Lectures With More Effective Education by MidCourse Corrections

Five Ways To Combine Conference Lectures With More Effective Education
In principle, there are many education methods that could replace conference lectures.
The research is loud and clear that the majority of these education methods are more effective than the conference lecture.


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