How to Plan Your Exhibition Marketing Strategy

The key to any successful exhibition marketing strategy is preparation. After all, there are so many details to address, from the design of your stand, to the exhibition services you require and the products or services you are actually going to showcase. For this reason, advance planning is of critical importance.

Here, we take a closer look at the steps you need to go through to plan for an upcoming exhibition.


Set Clear, Measurable Goals

2019: What's to come?

Conferences and their technologies have developed in the past year and the changes affected the way we view, plan and experience conferences. While certain trends are bound to stay, some technologies will see major updates in 2019. We asked our team about their predictions and trends for the coming year, and here are their answers:


Speak Queasy?

Path-breaking research is at the heart of most great STEMM conferences, but even presentations with the most exciting discoveries will flatline if they don’t have speakers who know how to present them. On paper, speakers may appear peerless, sitting atop esteemed academic institutions or having garnered the most prestigious awards. But all those accolades will mean nothing should they speak with mouths of cotton and point to slides that are as indecipherable as Mayan hieroglyphics.

The Long Tail of Live Events and the 5X Rule

In statistics, the term “long tail” refers to a particular distribution pattern in which several high frequency items are followed by a much larger number of decreasingly low frequency items.  

Long tail distribution has long been referenced when talking about  internet searches. For example, for every person searching for the exact keyword “Lebron James”, there are many lower volume searches for long-tail keywords about Lebron such as: “Lebron James dog’s name”, “Lebron James sneakers”, “Lebron James best game”.

How to Create Unique Experiences at Your Next Event

If you believe that your biggest challenge, as a planner, is to overcome multiple logistic tasks and run flawless events, then you are wrong. There’s no way you’ll attract more guests or make them talk about your event by providing average settings, content or activities. Eventeye has a few ways for you to create unique experiences, without leaving the venue of your planned event. Read below to find out more.



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