Science Daily-Speech Means Using Both Sides of Brain

We use both sides of our brain for speech, a finding by researchers at New York University and NYU Langone Medical Center that alters previous conceptions about neurological activity. The results, which appear in the journal Nature, also offer insights into addressing speech-related inhibitions caused by stroke or injury and lay the groundwork for better rehabilitation methods.

Topi Mobile: The Mobile Solution Optimized for Collisions

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FRESH14 Conference Partner and MSI Member.
Topi provides a complete solution to connect all event participants and optimize engagement before, during, and after any event — from small corporate gatherings to large conferences or tradeshows.

Built with mobile first in mind, event planners can quickly set up Topi through a self-serve dashboard and get access to real-time event analytics during the event. new MSI Member and FRESH Conference Partner

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Web-based application for increasing audience interaction with live questions and polls, winner of the ETA2013, Best New Event Tech Startup Award“, gives a voice to your audience. It is a web-based application for event planners to easily engage their audience with live questions and polls.

Everybody can ask and vote for the best questions, which can be displayed live to everyone in the audience. However event planners always stay in control thanks to an intuitive moderation.


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