How Geo Fencing works with Topi Mobile app

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Geo-Fencing allows meeting organizers to set - in a simple way - areas on the map where the Topi Mobile app works.

7 Fundamental Ways To Drastically Improve Conference Breakouts by Midcourse Corrections

Concurrent sessions, often known as breakouts, are the meat and potatoes of conferences. They are also one of the most difficult areas for your continuous improvement efforts. In many associations, volunteers vet submissions, decide topics and select speakers for their annual meeting’s concurrent sessions. While well intentioned, volunteer committees rarely are equipped with a big-picture view of 21st-century adult-learning trends.

Joel-Zvi Chetzroni explains the new application for sharing digital posters content in mobile devices

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Joel-Zvi Chetzroni from Multieposter explains the evolution of their tool.

The Neuroscience of Networking: Why Networking Matters To Your Conference by Midcourse Corrections

Your brain is passionate about one thing.

So much so that when it is not thinking about a problem or focused on something specific, it defaults to doing this one thing.

Neuroscientist Dr. Matthew Lieberman says that our brains have a passion of their own. “We know this because our brains seem to devote all of its spare time to this one thing,” says Lieberman.

Thinking About Thinking
So what is it that our brains really like to do?


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