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Web-based application for increasing audience interaction with live questions and polls, winner of the ETA2013, Best New Event Tech Startup Award“, gives a voice to your audience. It is a web-based application for event planners to easily engage their audience with live questions and polls.

Everybody can ask and vote for the best questions, which can be displayed live to everyone in the audience. However event planners always stay in control thanks to an intuitive moderation.

The Art Of Changing The Attendees’ Brain: Conference Style by MidCourse Corrections

Usually our view of conference education is an expert at the front of the room doling out their knowledge through witty repartee.

The speaker stands on a stage, behind a podium, towering above the audience as if dispensing expertise from on high. Conference organizers and speakers view the audience as those that need the expert’s help. The experts then hand their assistance down to the attendees through their spoken word.

FREE REPORT: Compare Event Registration systems

The Good Event Registration Guide
 Three lines of research in this report:
- 200 event professionals ranked the most popular features of registration and ticketing providers
- 300 providers were reviewed, 123 shortlisted and jotted in a features table to help the reader understand who offers what.
- 78 providers where assessed for their basic pricing structure identifying the expense in commissions and processing fee for a $100 ticket

EIBTM13: the FRESH track session: From Boring to FRESH!

Conference and meetings have a bad image. Although all innovation comes from people that meet, the entire world seems to fall asleep during them. Can you imagine what meetings would do to the economy and society if we could make them more attractive and effective? The FRESH conference is really all about that.

Can we go from boring to FRESH?


Presentation techniques and presentation improvement are probably the most challenging and potentially the most rewarding of all improvement area's in meeting design.
Learn about Prezi and Haiku Deck.
Experience the Launch of BARCO's new CLICKSHARE, an affordable version 2.0.
Come and see the backstage of the FRESH SET by the COO of Watchout.
After this session you will be able to decide what to do to increase the impact of your next meeting's speakers.


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