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We are excited to announce our new MDI member: Digivents

Digivents is the ideal solution for the management of events, that uses the latest technologies to assist you in the organization and coordination of congresses, fairs and any kind of event.


What can you do with Digivents?

Getting to know our members - Vevox

Interview with Pete Eyre, Managing Director of Vevox (previously Meetoo)

Vevox, based in the UK, has recently been launched following a huge re-branding exercise from their previous identity as Meetoo.  Vevox provides real-time audience engagement for meetings and events.  Peter Eyre of Vevox spoke with MDI explaining the reasons behind the change, the challenges they faced and the impact it has had.


Vevox has been launched recently as a re-brand of Meetoo, why the change?

Ask yourself this before using the Ask feature

Q&A sessions are part of most scientific and medical conferences these days, and widely popular amongst attendees. And that for a good reason: They give them the rare opportunity to ask questions directly to an expert and interact with the presentation content.
Yet, blindly choosing one attendee out of a big crowd has its pitfalls. While you as the organizer and the presenter can spend weeks preparing for a presentation, the Q&A session is largely out of your control.

3 Easy Tricks to Engage your Audience during a Presentation

We’ve all sat through our share of boring presentations. It’s mind-numbing to be forced to listen to dry content that’s delivered (or worse, read) at us, rather than discussed with us. Often, all this talking is in vain anyway. Studies show 91% of listeners at business presentations admitted to daydreaming, and an impressive 39% to downright falling asleep at some point.

Having audience interaction makes our presentation more interesting. Make sure to involve your audience early and often. People will pay attention if they know that at some point, they’ll have to participate.


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