How to make a meeting less like a funeral.

Funerals are rituals, gatherings of community members to come together, share, commemorate and connect. They are an important human universal and an essential tradition.

Meetings, on the other hand, are not a rite of passage. The most effective meetings are planned with action-based objectives; and measurable outcomes.

Yet, many meetings lack outcomes. Plenty are still scheduled routinely. Some last for hours at time. And lots of meetings can be a bit more sombre than necessary. How can we change this? Perhaps by looking at the big picture.

FRESH Awards 2019 | The winners

At the FRESH conference we handed out the FRESH awards for excellence in meeting design. The objectives of the FRESH awards were to bring more attention to ‘the content-side of meetings’ and acknowledge both the individuals and solutions that make a significant impact in this field.

This year, the FRESH Awards were selected by a jury composed by Frank Daeger, Abi Canons, Sabine Bonora, Victoria Matey and the chair Elling Hamso. The FRESH Awards were presented by Sabine Bonora and Elling Hamso.


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