Brand Ambassadors vs product specialists: which one is right for your promotional event?

Product specialists have expert knowledge, experience and insight to be able to answer the majority of sales, tech and other questions on the fly.

Brand ambassadors, on the other hand are are masters of people skills and personality, being able to cater messaging and information to their target audience. In order to deliver the message of your brand in an authentic way, they base information on real day-to-day experience.


The Psychology of Uncertainty, or How to Connect People at Events

Events are a way to bring people together and provide a common space for interaction and sharing. People attend events to discover like-minded professionals and make valuable connections. At least, this is the ideal script.

However, networking has started to gradually reveal its complexity. Why do people have a hard time connecting with others at events? And most importantly, why is it so difficult to plan a truly meaningful and valuable networking dynamic?

Designing your event for audience engagement

There are many details in planning an event, from the technical part of the job to what we often forget and which incidentally is the most important factor of every successful event – satisfaction of the guests. What makes your audience pleased in their engagement? Keeping in mind, that your audience should not only be engaged during the event, but also before as well as after. Read on to find out about what EventsAIR has in store for you to help you keeping your audience engaged.


1. Planning

IBTM World

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IBTM World is just a few weeks away! The leading global event for the meetings, incentives, conferences and events industry opens its doors at Fira Barcelona, from 27 to 29 November 2018.

3 Steps to Securing the Perfect Keynote Speaker

Every event manager knows how important having an amazing keynote speaker is for creating a great event. From former ministers to news anchors, to famous journalists or TV stars – even captains of the industry, the options for finding a great keynote speaker seem to be endless. However, finding the perfect keynote can be a challenge. Will the presenter be a good public speaker? Will the audience identify with their message? Is it a big enough name to draw a croud?

When searching for the perfect keynote speaker, there are three things to keep in mind:



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