How to Maximise and Build Event Success with Video Marketing

One of the biggest benefits of event marketing comes down to the here and now of an event day: it is all about the meet and greets, networking and face-to-face interactions. However, the success of an event depends on the action taken well before the event day, as well as the days after. Video marketing is one of the biggest ways to garner that success. Eventmobi has compiled a list of the biggest benefits of event marketing to help you market your event better.


Before video marekting your events, ask these three critical questions to yourself:

The Festivalisation of Events

Shocklogic has noticed a common trend recently, that is "festivalisation", while looking into how events are executed in different sectors.

Festivalisation is incorporating elements of the festival experience into events. This can give even serious topics such as in healthcare a new life, boosting excitement. Social media, on form of posts, videos and images contributes to the online hype of the event.

Session Format: Move those Chairs

The start is an empty room. We set up chairs with participants in 12 different ways, and we do 12 different techniques. All setups result in different ways of discussing (our topic is interaction but could be anything) with 2, 3 or 6 participants in a small group. Sounds dynamic? It’s probably the best session for some serious action and interaction ever.

C&I: The next generation Q&A

There is one meeting design component that everybody knows. What is it?

Meeting professionals all know it, all speakers know it and almost all participants know it. They can name it, explain it and be part of it. It it two letters long. It it used in almost every presentation. It comes at the end of a presentation. By know you may have guessed it: it’s Q&A.

Save Money and Insure Early!

Few would disagree that we are living through increasingly challenging times! Apart from extreme weather conditions, the continuous threat of terrorism, political unrest in many countries and scientific warnings of another volcanic eruption in Iceland, we also have Ebola and the fear of its spread to consider. What next?


The impact upon the events industry due to forces beyond its control can potentially be immense for both event organisers and suppliers in the absence of adequate insurance protection.


5 proven content marketing tactics to steal for your next internal comms campaign

Sophie Thomas, the Marketing Manager of Vevox has compiled 5 content marketing tactics to borrow to create influential itnernal comms campaigns that get results.


1.) Find the why

It is easy to get caught in the trap of telling employees what you want them to do rather than why they need to do it and the benefits to them if they take action. By highlighting the purpose of your campaign you will get to the why early, allowing your employees to emotionaly invest and buy-in to your campaign.

2.) Email newsletters

Why You Should Embrace Virtual Engagement

Why is it so important to embrace virtual engagement?

Questions from the audience are the lifeblood of any decent conference. As a presenter, they make your efforts worthwile. They show that the audience listened and were engaged in the topic. How sad then, that in every conference, from insurance to pig farming, there is always a high percentage of people who may have a brilliant question, but hate the thought of standing up and asking it.


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