New member announcement

We are excited to announce our new MDI member: Digivents

Digivents is the ideal solution for the management of events, that uses the latest technologies to assist you in the organization and coordination of congresses, fairs and any kind of event.


What can you do with Digivents?

  1. Present: Digivents, through specific applications developed for tablets and smartphones, allows attendees to access all the contents generally printed on paper. Attendeees will be able to visualise updated information enriched with multimedia contents, thus greatly improving their user experience.


  1. Interact: Digivents simplifies the interaction between the different actors of the event, organisers, attendees and sponsors thanks to numerous tools, like:

- push messages

- interactive questionnaires

- instant polls

- questions from the audience

- chat


  1. Generate engagement: When the primary goal is the increase of attendees’ engagement for lead generation purposes or enthusiasm boost, it is possible to integrate gamification tools into your Digivents application. Private social networks, contests and mini-games are just few examples of ad-hoc implementations based on the use of QR-CODES or technologies such as NFC or Beacons, yelding your attendees a high level of user experience!


  1. Support the event planner: Managing all those activities related to your attendees, such as registration check-in and data analysis can be very impactful on your time and expenses. Digivents enables you to fully support the event organizers in those core processes: check-in, badge printing, avoidance of long entry lines, recording of entrees to specific single session events and the outcoming results analysis.


For more information, feel free to visit their website.

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