Meetings Podcast with Maarten Vanneste

Listen to the podcast done by Grass Shack to the Meeting Design Institute President, Maarten Vanneste, about the beginning of his career, the challenges he faced for the last 30 years, and where the meeting industry is and should be moving forward.
Maarten Vanneste, started his company ABBIT VIDEO in 1982. It grew from an AV company over production to a full service meeting design company.  After more than 30 years he is seen as a Meeting Industry leader and visionary with a focus on meeting design. His CMM’s business-plan project became reality as the Meeting Support Institute (2006). The now called Meeting Design Institute is a member based organization that educates and exposes meeting planners to meeting design and its toolbox. In 2007 Maarten wrote the ground-breaking book ‘Meeting Architecture, a manifesto’. This became an industry bestseller that lead to an international movement and educational projects. With a focus on the objective based meeting design the Meeting Design Institute organises events like the FRESH Conference and education like a 5-day training in Meeting Architecture. The 2013 Meeting Architecture Process (MAP) workbook provides a standard Meeting Design methodology.  Maarten is an influential innovator, author, trainer and a speaker.
For his relentless work and influence in the Meetings industry, he received the IMEX Academy Award in 2005 and the MPI RISE Award for Industry Leadership in 2011.
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