Meeting Architecture

Meeting Architecture is the discipline of designing and executing meetings and events based on measurable objectives in order to improve the learning, networking and motivation of participants. This work is aiming to influence the participants' professional action, leading to impact and improving ROI.
Three Main Pillars  
PROCESS: The Meeting Architecture Process (MAP) including the ROI methodology (how to work with the meeting owner and other stakeholders to come to an innovative and successful design).
TOOLBOX: The Toolbox for meeting design: formats, experts, art, AV tools, technological tools (What to use and what to do to make the design come to live and make an impact).
SCIENCE: Science and other important meeting design components like Interaction, hybrid, social media, content capture, production and more (What crucial things on human psychology we need to remember when selecting tools and formats or helping speakers to improve).
Four Phases
Like an architect that helps the house owner to build a house, a meeting architect helps the meeting owner to build a meeting in four phases: 
Identifying the meeting objectives: What does this meeting need to accomplish?
Designing the meeting based on those objectives: using the CHATTY* toolbox
Executing the meeting: producing & making sure all is done according to plan/budget
Assessing the measured end-results and reporting
* Conceptual, Human, Artistic, Technical and TechnologY are the 5 categories of tools


Upcoming Training


This interactive masterclass is designed to provide you with an easy roadmap to design more effective meetings and help you grow your Meeting Design Toolbox. 
The programme includes the MAP™ - Meeting Architecture Process - a methodology based on the bestseller “Meeting Architecture – a Manifesto”. MAP™ is a guided process that helps the meeting team design better meetings based on measurable objectives. 
At this masterclass, you will:
  • Discover how to apply the MAP™ - Meeting Architecture Process
  • Learn the basics of the ROI methodology and how to connect it with objectives
  • Grow the size of your Meeting Design Toolbox
Date: 11 May 2020  - a day prior to IMEX Frankfurt
Time: 2 pm to 5 pm
Where: Frankfurt, Germany
Registration: will open soon
Date: 23 June 2020  - a day prior to The Meetings Show
Time: 2 pm to 5 pm
Where: London, UK
Registration: will open soon
Date: 30 November 2020  - a day prior to IBTM World
Time: 2 pm to 5 pm
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Registration: will open soon
Date: 14 September 2020  - a day prior to IMEX America
Time: 2 pm to 5 pm
Where: Las Vegas, USA
Registration: will open soon
More information: please contact
The 3-day training in meeting design provides a methodology (MAP - Meeting Architecture Process), tools, techniques and formats to improve meetings, congresses, symposia, etc. This training is for meeting professionals with different levels of experience and backgrounds. Participants get the language, stories and confidence to change meeting components based on objectives and measure the result. Participants get a certificate of attendance to this training. 
Becoming a Certified Meeting Designer (CMD) is offered via an optional process where guidance by senior mentors leads to one road on the MAP of one event. Participants make the road for ONE meeting: Identifying ONE objective for ONE target group, changing ONE design component in the meeting and measuring with ONE question. The report is judged by an international jury with anonymous evaluation; approval makes an individual an official CMD - Certified Meeting Designer.
Date: 1-3 June 2020
Where: Turnhout, Belgium
Registration: MDI/cmd0320 
More information: please contact
The Trainer
Maarten Vanneste, CMM has been active in the industry since 1982. As the author of ‘Meeting Architecture, a manifesto’ (2008) he was the founder of a movement developing education for the disciplines around meeting design.
In 2011, in Orlando, Florida, he was the recipient of the MPI Rise Award for Industry Leadership.


The Meeting Design Institute
The Meeting Design Institute is a global community of companies and professionals that deliver tools or services in meeting design. It is a member-based organisation that creates several opportunities throughout the year where we inform and educate meeting professionals. The Meeting Design Institute develops education programmes, training and the FRESH Conference on Meeting Design to help planners design more effective meetings.
The Meeting Design Institute is a CMP Preferred Provider.


Get in touch

The Meeting Design Institute organised several customised training courses for meeting professionals. If would you like to know more about our training programmes or how to organise a training for your company/organisation please contact:

Sofia Rodrigues Teles
VP of Education
Mobile: +351 919 341 223
Skype: sofia.l.rodrigues




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