Meeting Room of the Future

IACC released phase one of its second annual “Meeting Room of the Future” – a report that combines research and insights from global meeting planners, IACC members and industry experts on the trends and issues that will impact the future of meetings and conferences. 
This year’s report highlights several key findings (see infographic here):
Experience creation continues to be a key driver of meeting planning
Incoming generations are changing the dynamic of meetings (more technology, more collaboration, and shorter sessions)
Planners are increasingly looking for outside and off-site activities to supplement their meetings
 “It is clear from our latest report that the format and content of our meetings are being influenced by tech savvy younger generations who are looking for a more individual approached to meetings,” said IACC’s CEO, Mark Cooper. “Delegates want a more memorable experience directly relevant to them and their own personal development with a degree of flexibility in terms of the way they interact with the meeting and the content they take away.
“Unsurprisingly, businesses remain focused on budget and demonstrating return on investment and therefore organizers are assessing the success of meetings through broader metrics than previously, for example, whether the meeting impacted their bottom line and met business objectives. As an industry, we need to be conscious of this and look at how we can best demonstrate our value.”
The second half of the Meeting Room of the Future white paper will be launching at IMEX America in Las Vegas on October 10, 2017, and will report on trends and opinions as seen by IACC venues and committed industry suppliers.
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