The Meeting Design Game - A New Innovative Tool to plan Meetings

The Meeting Design Game is a new innovative way to improve the planning of meetings and conferences. The Game helps meeting planners design outstanding meetings that will create value for both meeting owners and participants. The game combines deep knowledge about Meeting Design with gamification, to make it engaging and motivating to use. 
The Meeting Design Game, is a cardgame, consisting of more than 100 cards, which give meeting planners advice on elements they can use to design and create outstanding meetings. The rules of the game are really simple and it can be played by everyone. The game is perfect to play in a planning team, around a table, to get a common understanding of how the meeting should be designed.
The game is based on an huge amount of knowledge from experience and science collected by Meeting Designers Ann Hansen and Bo Krüger for the last 20 years. ”Basically it’s an easy way to level up from being a Meeting Planner to a Meeting designer” Ann and Bo say.
The game costs 150€ excluding transport and can be ordered on
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