Meeting Design Certificate Course

Sunday, 20 January, 2019 to Tuesday, 22 January, 2019

Meeting Design is the profession of designing and executing meetings, conferences and events based on measurable objectives. Meeting Professionals are seeing a huge amount of technology and other innovations and the pressure to generate more results is growing.

This unique and multidisciplinary Meeting Design Certificate course includes the building blocks of Meeting Design, the latest innovations and a toolbox to enhance meeting and event effectiveness.

The group of participants is a mix of meeting professionals from agencies, corporate, associations and more.

This course is an intense and hands-on training program on all the Meeting Design core elements. It brings fundamental classics like formats and techniques, creative group work, interaction, hybrid meetings, and more. In all these topics the latest innovations and technology are shown, demonstrated and used by the participants.

Meeting Design focus on innovation in MotivationNetworking and Learning of participants. Good meeting design aims to drive the participant’s professional action, leading to impact and improving ROI. Like an architect that helps to build a house, a Meeting Architect builds a meeting in four phases:

Identifying the meeting objectives: What does this meeting need to accomplish?
Designing the meeting based on those objectives: using the CHATTY* toolbox
Executing the meeting: producing & making sure all is done according to plan/budget
Assessing the measured end-results and reporting

* Conceptual, Human, Artistic, Technical and TechnologY are the 5 categories of tools

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