How to identify the Right Audience for Your Events

Let us ask you a few quick questions:

  • Is your brand built for everyone?
  • Do you launch new services with the general public in your mind?
  • Are you designing marketing strategies to enchant the whole world?
  • Is your intention to attract people everywhere to buy your products?

Hopefully your answer to these questions is no.

The general public is NOT your desired target group, nor do you want to pour your resources into selling or talking to people who have no association with or interest in your brand.

The same way you care about who your followers, prospects, and buyers are, you should develop a high degree of diligence when defining your event audience.

Not doing so will bring you a series of frustrations and disappointments, making you believe that event marketing is not an efficient thing.

Apart from that, there's a series of things (aka consequences) that might happen if you’re careless with determining your event’s target group:


FALLOUT #1. Flawless planning with zero impact

No matter how exquisite your event is or how perfect the entire experience is, if you’ve gathered the wrong people at your event, nothing you do will impact them.

It’s as if you’d be talking about the Falcon Heavy rocket to people who are interested in the life of Kim Kardashian (no offense) or vice versa.

And it doesn’t matter how well-crafted the message and the event itself are—if you aren’t talking to the right crowd, your planning time, effort, and money will go down the drain.


FALLOUT #2. Lack of reaction

The main idea of planning an event resides in making your attendees act, or at least planting some new ideas that will make them change an opinion or a behavior.

However, when you’re not talking to the right audience, your messages will fall on deaf ears and, as indicated earlier, have no impact. That’s why you can’t expect any desired reaction.

If people don’t connect with your message, they won’t take the actions you’d like them to, as a response to the experiences you’ve embedded in the event.


FALLOUT #3. Bad publicity

The worst thing about gathering the wrong audience at your event is the negative word-of-mouth marketing.

If the wrong people attend your event, they most likely won’t enjoy the experience. Subsequently, they’ll tell others how bad your event was, making those people believe your brand doesn’t deserve any attention.

It’s the same as selling your services or products to people who don’t need it. After they buy it, they’ll realize they don’t have any need for it. As a result, they’ll go to Trustpilot or another reviewing platform and leave a negative comment.

If you don’t define the right attendee profile for your event, you’ll fail to achieve your marketing or business goals, at best, or get a bad reputation, at worst.

To keep this from happening, put everything else aside and focus on building the right audience first.


Then (and only then!), start conceptualizing, designing, and planning the event. 


To find out how you can do that, head over to Eventtia's blog here. 

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