How to Design an Event Sponsorship Package

Sponsors are a crucial source of revenue for events, so it is important to make sure that you are able to offer competitive and valuable event sponsorship package option. Why should sponsors invest their budget into your events? The biggest demand tends to be a need for customisation of event sponsorship package features, establishing connectiosn with attendees, integration with the various event technology used throughout the event for maximum brand exposure and of course Return On Investment. 

The two most common ways to approach building event sponsorship packages are:

1.) The Tiered Sponsorship Model - the traditional approach where a variety of features are included in the event sponsorhsip package offerings, depending on the sponsorship level.

2.) A La Carte Sponsorship Model - this approach is commonly used to serve sponsors with specific needs or goals, so flexibility and customisation in their event sponsorhsip package are key.


To read aobut the different sponsorship models in depth, please have a look at EventMobi's blog here

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