How to Create Personalised Experiences Before, During and After an Event

Many consumers noways expect tailored encountrs across any brand interaction - including event experiences. 

When it comes to personalisation at eveent it is about using event tech to creat personalised experiences before, after and during an event, so attendees feel more engaged and find the event memorable.



One powerful strategy is using integrated event registration and invitation platform with customisable capabilities. If your event is jam-packed with sessions, workshops and breakouts, consider providing recommended sessions or networking activities (similar to: "You might also like...")


During the event

Push notifications can be sent through the event mobilee app to remind the group of first-attendees about the first-timer's welcome reception time and location. Attendees can also get encouraged to network with like-minded attendees, exhibitors and/or sponsors. 


Post event

By asking the attendees to rate whether or not the sessions they attended met their expectations you as the planner can gather relevant information about the session itself and make attendees feele heard.


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