Get More Effective Audience Engagement

At Open Audience, there are six questions that they use in each client’s audience engagement journey.


1. What’s the point? 

What do you need your audience to know, understand, share or achieve during the interaction? What do they know when they arrive?

Do you need to know what they have absorbed during the meeting? Do you need them to do something different post event?

Should it be virtual or live, recorded or shared? And most importantly, is this meeting absolutely necessary?

2. What do you actually consider ‘Audience Engagement’?

Different clients may have different ideas about what audience engagement means. Some think of it as simply preventing boredom amongst their attendees. Others may expect to keep their audience actively participating.

3. How will you know you’ve achieved your goal? 

Well, hopefully you will see it in the delegates’ behaviour.

You can also measure engagement by the number of questions asked or the willingness to volunteer for tasks.

One thing we like to do at Open Audience is test audiences’ knowledge and retention of information by asking entry and exit survey questions. This always provides very valuable feedback.

4. How will you measure engagement? 

This is an often overlooked but important area of audience engagement.

Whatever you decide the standard of measurement for successful audience engagement should be, it’s important to articulate it in advance and set up the appropriate processes post-event.

5. Should technology help shape the audience engagement journey? 

There is no shortage of technologies you can and should use. The right choice is the appropriate technology or technologies that will help you achieve steps 1-4 above!

Key to securing the right approach is ensuring that any technology you use is actually helping, rather than just acting as a distraction.

6. How can your audience engagement partner help you to achieve your desired business outcome? 

Finding the right partner to deliver your audience engagement is vital.

We help our clients:

– discover what is needed;

– reach a common view on what ‘audience engagement’ looks like for the organisation;

– choose a positive and proactive way to measure transition during an event, and behavioural changes post-event.

Through understanding the needs of your organisation and audience, it becomes easier and more straightforward to offer the right solution.


If you are struggling with the “How do we engage our audience more effectively?” question for your next meeting or event, then you should reach out to Open Audience.

View their full blog post here.

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