The Festivalisation of Events

Shocklogic has noticed a common trend recently, that is "festivalisation", while looking into how events are executed in different sectors.

Festivalisation is incorporating elements of the festival experience into events. This can give even serious topics such as in healthcare a new life, boosting excitement. Social media, on form of posts, videos and images contributes to the online hype of the event.

As the workforce in most organisations is becoming younger and younger, the market needs to adjust in order to still appeal to them. Around 40% of event professionals nowadays fall into the millennials category, helping to bring about the revolution of tech at various events as well as incorporating social media marketing and creating experiences. Younger people tend to attend events in order to feel part of the community and to enrich themselves with the education that is on offer. 

Festivalisation is also helping people to leave the office and to immerse themselves in an entire day away. Side events support this, with more and more conferences offering breakfast seminars, chairman lunches and networking drinks, making it hard for delegates to say no to. Festivalisation has become a creative strategy to generate fear of missing out (FOMO) among your attendees.

Another important element of festivalisation is creating post-event engagement. Many organisers are struggling to keep their audience entertained between events. Festivals are experts at doing this, resharing videso and pictures from the event that their attendees can get involved in. The key element comes in when the attendees begin to share their personal experiences, using the event hashtag. The fans create a stream of moments that can be shared with everyone. It is up to you to make the experience worth sharing, across all their platforms. 


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