Effective collaborative meeting design and facilitation tool


Amazemeet was designed with one objective in mind:  To save you time! 
The new Amazemeet canvas helps individuals and groups have fewer and better meetings - it is a simple but effective tool which reduces unnecessary meetings and makes the necessary ones amazing.
Amazemeet helps you to cut down on wasted time by getting all participants to co-design the meeting that works for them.  With Amazemeet, anyone can design and execute effective meetings with a clear and compelling purpose and engaged participants.
Amazemeet helps: 
  1. Meeting contributors work together in real-time wherever they are
  2. All contributors endorse key elements of the meeting - the purpose, agenda and contributors - so that they can easily identify what works and what needs improvement
  3. Keep meeting content private, secure and confidential with advanced encryption
  4. Provide active guidance and improvement suggestions as changes are made to the meeting so contributors can make better decisions that improve their meeting outcomes
  5. Eliminate the need for any additional work to produce meeting minutes - the Amazemeet canvas has ‘minutes’ information and more.
Amazemeet was founded and developed by Mike Sutton who is a trained facilitator.  He combined his meeting facilitation skills and experience with his background in software technology to create a simple and effective design tool that is already helping over 1500 customers improve their meetings every week. 
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Mike Sutton
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