Easy Event App Sign-In Experiences Tailored For Your Event

To facilitate an easy sign-in that fits your event, there are two main different experience when it comes to making apps as easy and convenient to use as possible.

1. Share an event-code with your attendees

This is the easiest sign-in experience we offer in our event apps. You simply configure a code that your event can be looked up by and share this code, along with the app download link, with your participants. Upon entering the code they'll be prompted to create their own profile and then they'll be taken to the event.

The event code can be something easy to remember or a random text string. Our recommendation is to go with the easy to remember, as this is an open sign-in experience for anyone that has the code.

Events that work well with this sign-in experience:

  • Trade shows / Exhibitions
  • Meetings and Seminars
  • Breakfast meetings

2. Private-mode for pre-registered attendees 

For an added layer of security our second sign-in experience requires the attendee to be pre-registered as a participant in order to access the event. Upon signing in with their e-mail address and verifying it, the event will automatically appear in their event list.

As you already know the participants, this sign-in experience let you personalize their event app by setting up a personal agenda or adding attendee specific information such as travel itinerary, bookings etc., to their profile.

Events that work well with this sign-in experience:

  • Conferences
  • Incentive trips
  • Company kick-off events

Want both? No problem.

Sometimes we want the best of both worlds, and that's ok! If you'd like to pre-register some or all of the attendees, you can still set up the sign-in by event code for:

  • Attendees joining last minute
  • Attendees that for some reason haven't been registered in advance
  • Crew and technicians


To find out how this works, head over to Eventeye's blog here. 

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