Doctor’s Orders: The Physician’s Perspective on Meetings and Events

At ibtm world, the session "Doctor’s orders: What physicians really want from events"  presented the key findings from powerful new research conducted by American Express Meetings & Events. The goal of this research was to understand what physicians want and expect from the meetings they attend.

Physician meetings are an important tool for pharmaceutical companies globally. Getting physicians engaged and keeping them engaged is critical to the success of new product introductions.  Recruiting physicians to participate in pharmaceutical meetings, taking time away from their practice, requires clear objectives and messaging.


Over the last twenty years, pharmaceutical companies have faced ever-changing guidelines and increasing scrutiny around their interactions with physicians. Interaction and communication with healthcare professionals is a critical channel pharmaceutical companies use to improve product awareness and receive product feedback. From the AMA and FDA guidelines issued in the 1990s, to the PhRMA code changes introduced in 2002, to the Sunshine Act in 2010, meetings held by pharmaceutical companies with physicians require significant planning, tracking and management to adhere to compliance rules. With so much attention being paid to addressing medical meeting guidelines and regulations, it is important to ensure the needs of the meeting attendees are also being met.

Attracting physicians and designing effective, compelling meeting experiences is critical to the ongoing success of pharmaceutical-sponsored meetings. This global study looks at medical meetings from the standpoint of the physician attendees to better understand the elements of these meetings that attract them today, and what will motivate them to attend in the future. It also includes insights on the importance of mobile apps, differences in preferences and priorities by age, and a special section on China.


The report from American Express Meetings & Events can be downloaded here.


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