Designing your event for audience engagement

There are many details in planning an event, from the technical part of the job to what we often forget and which incidentally is the most important factor of every successful event – satisfaction of the guests. What makes your audience pleased in their engagement? Keeping in mind, that your audience should not only be engaged during the event, but also before as well as after. Read on to find out about what EventsAIR has in store for you to help you keeping your audience engaged.


1. Planning

a.) Create interest through social media

Before the evnet takes place, make sure you are present on social media and visible to your target audience. Social media content sets the tone for the evnet and provides valuable information to followers. You should also engage with your audience to better understand their expencations fo the event. By creating a hashtag, your followers will find all the relevant info regarding your event and can become part of your brand's identity. 

b.) Plan your room design

The room design affects the feel and atmosphere of your event. Especially the seating arrangement should be planned carefully. If you want your audience to interact, the best option would be to place the chairs in a semicircle or half moon. It also helps to mix the group a bit via problem-solving or decision-making tasks.


2. Event

a.) Make it fun

Entertainment will increase the audience's engagement. Your attendees come to your events to develop new skills, learn something new, but also to have a good time. Games are a great way to interect with the audience. 

b.) Content

Compelling keynote speakers and itneresting sessions can also be reason why your potential guests will decide whether to come or not. If you budget allows it, hire the best expert in the field, quality content is everything. 

c.) Utilize technology

Use an app for the event that will alow you to show live results, share content and enable the audience to plan their own event experience, ask questions and receive notifications. Within the app, you can use online tools to create live polls as well as Q&As. 


3. Post-Event

a.) Post-event lunch or dinner

This promotes networking, allows for feedback to come directly from the source and can solidify the nature of the event.

b.) Thank you emails and surveys

All of these will make the audience feel as part of the event instead of just attendees. This means they will most likely engage with the event, have a good time, spreaed the word and return to the next event. 


All available resources including influencers, technology, social media, room design should be utilized to increase audience engagement, which will determine the overall event experience.


Read the full article on EventsAIR's blog here.


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