The FRESH presentation

Book an innovative presentation for your events team or meeting professionals group.

This presentation is about FRESH; not only as an innovative event but as event innovator:
how one event can be innovative in a several ways, special in its design, original in its concept, creative in its theme, etc.

FRESH aims at helping other event organisers to Innovate, FRESH is about innovation, FRESH ís innovation.
In everything that is presented and anything that is done at FRESH, its participants discover new, different, creative and innovative concepts, tools, services and techniques.

FRESH is the ultimate case to demonstrate a multitude of innovations.
We have thousands of pictures of hundresds oforiginal applications. We made a sellection of the best onesand lined all of them up in 150 + slides. We will make a unique selection for you depending on your briefing and the the available time.

We can present a sampler on the entire pallet of innovation, or a focus on any or a combination of these:
• Conference program design and marketing
• Meeting formats, ...
• Facilitation, meeting design, speaker management,...
• Design, art, music, ...
• Technical, av and production innovations
• Technology, mobile apps, wireless, online,
• Hybrid, remote participation and remote speaking and the business model
• Interactivity and co-creation.

Each of these sections is innovative and based on the FRESH conference case.
And for interaction, we ask your audience after every section to discuss the same question:
“How can this information help you to create more impactful meetings?“

The presentation is given by several people in several languages.
We have speakers in: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Book now: +32 1 444 88 31 or info at meetingsupport dot org
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