The Event App Bible

The Event App Bible
Your Guide to Evaluate, Compare and Understand the Event Mobile App Ecosystem.

The Event App Bible is the largest research to date about the mobile event app ecosystem. Clear all your doubts and confusion about Mobile Apps for events.

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What The Event App Bible Is About

They’ve reviewed more than 300 app providers - shortlisting 50+ of them in an unprecedented effort to give you a simple tool to quickly evaluate your event app needs.

Five Reasons Why You Should Download the eBook

  1. Free. No Email Required. Instand Download.
  2. Read the most comprehensive research about the mobile event app phenomenon.
  3. Find out quickly what the best app for your event is.
  4. Learn from the experience of event professionals like yourself what made their mobile strategy successful.
  5. Master the impact of Mobile vs Native, Free vs Paid and Request for Proposal (RFP) submission.
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