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Make the most of your participation at EIBTM Barcelona and don't miss this opportunity to improve your knowledge on Meeting Design and to connect with great creative people who are moving the Meeting Industry forward. 

Here is the full program of the FRESH Track:

Wednesday, November 19th

11:00 - 12:30

Participant Engagement and Interaction

​Recent research confirms what we have always known: participants not only fall asleep but have now confessed they also take longer toilet breaks to escape from sessions! Interactivity was a buzzword back in the eighties and it seems we still have work to do.
Participant interaction or should we say participant involvement (‘inter’-active or just active) which is a pleonasm .Or should we even say participant engagement; engaged in or during the session and engaged for the purpose of the meeting or event.
The word participant already implies participation, right? NO! At least not always.
What can meeting professionals do to design more active or even interactive sessions? How can the speakers be activated, involved, incentivised or supported to do more of the good stuff.
There are so many ways, tools and techniques to allow activation to spice up a session above and beyond the 3 minute Q&A after a session. This presentation will list, show, demonstrate and use dozens of tools, techniques and formats to add to your toolbox. The Meeting Design Institute, its members and its experiences from the FRESH conference will be shared, demonstrated and made available for your future projects.
Depending on your needs for your projects you will be able to select the right tool and create the right environment where people will NOT use their phone as an excuse to leave the room for a boredom-break.
Session Leader:

Banks Holcombe

Jon Schäffer
Marcel Wassink
Martin Klöfver
Ian Wallace
13:00 - 14:30

Exploring Meeting Formats:

the Course of Meetings Design

Meeting formats are probably the most visible and impactful changes you can make in meetings or sessions and most of them come with zero or limited cost. Encouraging your speakers to make these changes may take a bit of effort, but once you have them on board you can transform the entire experience for everyone involved, whether that’s the participant, speaker, sponsor or organiser. 
As always, we all design meetings based on objectives so if you have a whole set of formats in your toolbox, you can probably serve every client in the right way. We can create a made-to –measure format by combining all the techniques, room-layouts, movements and other building blocks. 
This session will create a framework for doing just that. By looking at the building blocks that came out of FRESH13 you will create a more fluent language and improve your skills to be able to apply techniques or design meeting formats. Alongside this framework we will, as a group, carry out the entire ‘move that chair’ workshop. This will be a very active and fun session that allows you to experience more than a dozen formats in an active and applied fashion. 

Session Leader:

Maarten Vanneste
Meetings Design Institute

Rosa Garriga Mora
Meeting Design
& ROI consultant
Thorben Grosser
Menno Pleij
Alec Sonenthal

Thursday, November 20th

11:00 - 12:30

Innovations In Meetings Design

Designing more interactive and effective meetings and events depends on how sessions and functions are designed. Not just for décor and flowers and light, but the design around the purpose; the objectives. Meeting design is therefore about designing the format, the flow, the content, the interaction and more! This is the most important evolution in our industry today. Combine that with the fast paced evolution of technology and here you have a cocktail for success (or failure if you miss it!)
You will get a presentation, demos and actual experiences of dozens of innovative tools, ideas and techniques for increasing meeting effectiveness every time we get a new challenge. If you get the opportunity to design the format and content of a meeting you better have a big and up-to-date toolbox… so you can choose depending on the precise objective at hand. There are several innovations for meeting design that improve the learning, support the networking and make meetings more fun; the innovations that make events or conferences more engaging and more productive. The future of meeting design is shifting in many ways and all kinds of tools are evolving to be easier, more precise, and even more affordable.



Session Leader:

Kristen Carvalho etouches


Maarten Vanneste
Meetings Design Institute

Julien Carlier
Social Dynamite
Thorben Grosser
John Martinez
13:30 - 15:00

The Art of Connecting With Your Audience

A meeting delegate holds unique knowledge; how can you access this untapped wealth of information and create an interactive learning experience? With effective and surprisingly simple tools you can set the stage for autonomous, authentic and transparent knowledge transfer, creating enormous opportunities for organisations who want to connect with their audience and increase their ROI, enabling meeting planners and designers to get an insight on how to get even more out of their meetings and events.
During this session we will show our recipe with cases and explore the ingredients of Discover, Share and Make in the form of an interactive workshop. The session is OPEN TO ALL delegates and of particular interest to corporates, event and agency professionals and industry associations. In 2014, The Red Line Project won the “most valuable session” award at the Fresh Conference for their “Storytelling around the campfire” session.


Martijn Timmermans
The Red Line Project
René Blom
The Red Line Project
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