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Dr. Susanne Piët is a psychologist and acclaimed conceptual trend guru who further specialises in communication, strategy and the science of emotions. She has written over a dozen books. Some excerpts from reviews of Susanne Piët's earlier work: 'Piët explores, by touch, by going on her feelings, the new desires and needs of the transitional period she believes we are living in right now.' nrc handelsblad '...particularly powerful thanks to Piët's golden pen[...]. This book is fun, written with pace and a sense of humour.' de volkskrant 'Piët does not just record. She contextualises what she records, and adds probing comments and critique.' p&o praktijkblad 'Brace yourself for a rodeo with minor and major arguments' management scope About the Dutch version of The Emocode: 'Piët's style of writing is refreshing [...] The book's content is not academic but inspiring, funny, modern and taken straight from real life.' 

If everything is makeable and all you have got is your life, why not reinvent it? Why would you not put yourself on the map again, made over as a new identity? What goes for you as a person also goes for your brand, your organisation, your company: inject new life into it! You can breathe personality into your brands, but you can also mirror the process and transform persons (and personae) into branded identities. So there is room for manoeuvre with branding experience: welcome to the land of gnidnarb, where personalities can be branded by designing an emotional halo from and around them.
Mind you, this does require know-how on the magic of the emocode. The emocode is the personal bar code that holds the experience profile of an identity. The key to scan this code will provide you access to groups, communities, cultural tribes, clusters, the new social order. Susanne Piët is turning all her readers, professionals or not, into designers. She will initiate you, and will guide you through the world of the vrais sapeurs, hip hop, waste disposal, Christian robes, and touch on concepts such as purchase libido, street credibility and sanctuary. The Emocode can be considered the successor to De emotiemarkt (The Emotion Market, as yet not translated), which was proclaimed Dutch management book of the year in 2004.
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