Dr Neil Dagnall

Dr Neil  Dagnall

Specialist Areas  Attention & memory, retrieval processes, social & collaborative recall and heuristics and biases.

Research Interests   Part-set cuing and retrieval inhibition across a variety of socially analogous situations.

Position/Post:   Senior Lecturer

RIHSC Research Centre:   Health, Rehabilitation and Psychology

Address:    Psychology & Social Change Department

Tel:  +44 161 2472560
Fax:+44 161 2476364
Email: n.dagnall@mmu.ac.uk


Parker A., Relph S., Dagnall N.A. 2007. "Effects of Bilateral Eye Movement on the Retrieval of Item, Associative and Contextual Information" Neuropsychology,  issn: 0894-4105

Dagnall N.A., Parker A. 2007. "Social Collaboration, Inhibition and Context" Psychological Reports, vol.100 no.3, pp.691-699
issn: 0033-2941

Parker A., Dagnall N.A., Coyle A. 2007. "Environmental Context Effects in Conceptual Explicit and Implicit Memory" Memory, vol.15 no.4, pp.423-434
issn: 1464-0686 doi: 10.1080/09658210701309834

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