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Monday, 28 November, 2016 - 09:00 to 18:00
The world of meeting professionals is changing rapidly and staying up to speed becomes ever more important. 
Technology is changing many aspects of meeting planning and the knowledge and skills need to evolve to keep up with the new needs.
The new generation of participants, the drive for more ROI, the need for business impact are just a few of the global drivers behind a drastically changing landscape. Meetings and events are becoming change environments, adopting new methods and innovating in many ways that are totally new to the job of the meeting planner.
Objective-based meeting design is fundamental and all its components are crucial in moving forward. A Meeting Architect is a professional that masters all these elements.
This one day, fast passed training brings the latest in all relevant components and is a stepping stone towards Meeting Architecture. It confronts participants with the latest information, powerful applications, cool tools and classic techniques that can be easily applied in the design of future meetings, conferences and events. 
The program
This course comes fully loaded with short presentations, peer learning, experiences a tons of examples. The best illustrations, the latest tools and best techniques are activated to get the most out of one day. All the crucial areas of innovation and change are addressed including these: 
  • The Meeting Architecture Process
  • Meeting formats and techniques
  • The basics of hybrid meetings and the latest innovation
  • Presentation improvement and speaker support
  • Participant involvement: how to make it really work
Continuing Education Hours

The Meeting Design Institute is a CMP Preferred Provider. The participants of this training will earn 7 Continuing Education clock hours - on the domain G: Meeting or Event Design as defined by the Convention Industry Council CIC.


About the trainer
Maarten Vanneste is active in the industry since 1982. His background is Meeting Design, Production, AV and Technology. As the author of the Book ‘Meeting Architecture, a manifesto’ (2008) he was the founder of a movement developing education for the disciplines around meeting design. 
As a member of MPI since 1999 he was in chapter leadership for communication, education and chapter president. On the international front, he served several MPI terms in membership, communication and other committees. In 2011, in Orlando, Florida, he was the recipient of the MPI Rise award for Industry leadership. He is a CMM and a CMA.
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Other training in Meeting Design
The trainer is closely involved with the FRESH conference where the most amazing things in meeting design happen. The FRESH conference provides new insights, material and examples giving every training a growing base of cases, illustrations, examples and more. 
Certificate Training in Meeting Architecture - Summer 2017 in the Meeting Design School in Turnhout - Belgium
Design and execute events based on measurable objectives. This unique training includes the basic principles, the tools and technique for a dynamic and successful event, congress or meeting. Ask for more information on this 5-day training via or +32 1 444 88 31


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