The Benefits of Real-Time Response at Events

Real-time feedback collection is quickly becoming a best practice in large-scale event planning. With benefits like increased audience engagement, the ability to tailor content to the crowd, and receive instant insights, it’s not hard to see why. 

Today’s event planners are no longer relying on post-event email surveys alone to gather accurate, and useful feedback from attendees. Real-time surveys and polling are allowing organizers to get to important sentiments and insights sooner than ever before.

Attendees can use in-app features to respond to survey questions posed by event organizers, they can to submit feedback or take real-time polls to gauge knowledge retention. Results can be kept private, displayed in the app, or broadcast live on stage where audiences get a chance to see how their peers have responded. 

AS illustrated below, not utilizing real-time response at your events can result in many missed opportunities for gaining insight into attendee sentiments, intentions or actions.  



The flexibility and use cases for real-time response at events is endless.  Read on to learn about the must-have benefits of real-time attendee polling and surveys. 

Improve Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is one of those intangible elements that is tough to measure but can truly make or break an event. Luckily, with the right technology, measuring attendee engagement becomes more simple.  Find a comprehensive event app that supports real-time audience polling and you'll be well on your way to creating a memorable experience.

In your event app encourage participation and give your attendees a platform to use their voice. By creating relevant and real-time polls, you ensure that your audience is actively participating, instead of passively absorbing your content. Displaying the poll results on stage is a great way to spark conversation among those in the room. 

Enable Personalized Content 

The more you can personalize an event, the better. There’s nothing worse than attending a conference, or trade show and feeling like you didn't relate, or gain value from the experience. Show your guests you appreciate their time and opinions by tailoring content on the fly to suit them. 

Survey your attendees for the next panel questions, or to add more time to a session that they’re enjoying. Rather than guessing how your attendees will respond to your content, let them choose the direction and optimize their time in the process.

Increase Transparency with Attendees

When you put on an event, you have a clear idea of the outcomes you want to achieve. You reach these goals by strategizing on content, inviting the speakers you think will represent you best, and ultimately, by telling your story your way. Many of your attendees will be savvy, discerning consumers. They understand that you have your objectives, and they have theirs. Your event is successful when your business objectives and their goals meet in the middle, though this is often easier said than done. 

By polling your audience and displaying their results, you gain insight into what attendees are looking for from your event, what they are enjoying, and what they could do without.  Showing your audience that you not only value their opinions but are willing to make changes to your event experiences based on their responses shows that you truly want them to get the most out of the event. It fosters goodwill and increases their trust in your brand. 

Increase Learning and Knowledge Retention 

Attention spans aren't getting any longer, so how can you ensure your content makes an impression? This is where real-time quizzing can significantly boost retention and comprehension. 

Break up longer sessions or talks by inserting short checkpoints at regular intervals that connect important information shared with a fun and interactive poll. By asking attendees to answer questions throughout a session you are more likely to cement information in their minds and increase the likelihood of knowledge retention. 

Gather Instant Attendee Feedback for Optimizations

Is the volume too loud? Are the sessions too long? How engaging was the keynote speaker? These are just some of the questions you’re likely to poll your attendees on in a post-event email the day after, or maybe even later. 

What’s challenging about these surveys is that you’re relying on your attendees to remember how the event made them feel, and what they experienced after they’ve moved on to other priorities. That is, if they don’t delete your email without even opening it! With real-time polling, you can survey the room with short, direct questions and get feedback while they’re in the moment. 

The best part about this instant feedback is that you have the opportunity to fix problems right then and there. If the volume isn’t right, no sweat. You can tweak it and improve the experience, instead of finding out about this easy-to-solve, but frustrating, problem after the fact. 


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