Beatbox for Meeting Professionals - A Multi-Hub group exercise in team building

Central Hall in Westminster, January 16 2017 was the setting for the annual Fresh Conference where Sound Music Media alongside 5th Element Beatbox presented a world first: A live, multi-hub beatbox workshop for professionals. Providing a unique opportunity to bring the cream of performance artists into the world of professional/corporate meetings.

The Fresh Conference is where meeting planners, designers and organisers meet to experience the future in meeting design, this year the annual event took place concurrently across many cites, giving meeting and events professionals, planners and sponsors the opportunity to experience the latest technologies, innovation and methods in meeting design.


The 20 minute Beatbox for Professionals taster workshop provides clear economic benefits within groups re-enforcing peoples commitment to working as a team and benefiting the dynamic between groups of participants across multiple cities in a fun way, giving participants the opportunity to learn from the cream of world championship level beatbox artists.


The simultaneous group building workshop across four cities, (London, England - The Hague, Holland - Torun, Poland and Brussels, Belgium),provided a unique vocal experience for meeting professionals. Under the professional tutelage of  Dharni (Poland) Timmeh (Holland) Penky-X (Belgium) and led by Ballzee (London), participants sampled the group building benefits of this communication development exercise, and incredibly after 20 minutes everyone learned to do they’re own vocal version of Billy Jean.

The morning session culminated with each city competing, with participants voting for the city with the best rendition, the result determined through new GDSS (Group Decision Support System) technology being demo’d at Fresh.


Key benefits:

•Guided by world champs, encourages cohesion between individuals working in remote / multi-site scenarios.

•Encourages communication within groups, bringing people together through a surprisingly accessible team building exercise. Everyone can learn.

•Increases neural activity, heightening awareness and focus, re-enforces communication through an ancient medium un-tapped in our day to day lives.

•Encourages interaction and increases dynamics between individuals, to improve the overall economy of organisations.

• Discover a leader in your community / company.



“A great premiere of doing a fun activity with 5 groups in five different cities. Everyone got involved and we all know how important participant engagement is." - Maarten Vanneste, Meeting Design Institute

"A great tool that got people, that had never met before, excited and interacting." - Ilka Dzeik,

"A great ice breaker, its difficult to get a room going with a bunch of people that don’t know each other, we had a great time!" - Abi Cannons,

"A real ice-breaker to kick start any meeting, made a huge difference towards participants interaction with each other compared to before the session." - Dharni (@Dharniofficial)


Watch VIDEO3D Camera of London Workshop - credit: Gaetano Virgallito,

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