The Attention Retention Battle: How to Win with Meeting and Event Attendees

Eight seconds is often claimed to have become the human attention span. What's important to know is that the attention span is not actually shrinking, but we are more selective in what we give our attention to. 

Prezi's research showed that 95 percent of business professionals admit to multitasking during meetings and around one third lost track or had trouble retaining information that was being discussed.

So what can you do as a planner to retain attendee's attention throughout a meeting or event? Evenium has compiled a list of a couple of  things that you can do at your next event.


Kick-off with an unexpected icebreaker, add interactivity with polls and surveys, make slide content highly visual, give meeting and event attendees a voice throughout and/or assign a task or even homework, 


Meeting and event attendees are more selective about what they give their attention to. You as a planner need to adopt different strategies to keep and retain interest.


Intrigued? Go on over to Evenium's blog and check out their post to read more. 

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