7 reasons to attend the FRESH Conference

FRESH is the first annual conference, which is focused exclusively on meeting design. FRESH is a platform for meeting design formats, innovation, interaction, experimentation and co-creation around techniques, tools and technology. FRESH helps meeting planners, designers and producers make meetings and events more effective and productive.

But if that’s not enough reason to attend, here are 7 reasons to convince you/your boss why you need to go to FRESH19 (www.thefreshconference.com)


  1. Meet and network with your colleagues, new facilitators, innovators, meeting designers and industry experts such as the meeting designer from Microsoft Inspire and Samsung Unpacked.


  1. Meet with conference and event artists from all over the world at this year’s first Conference Art Showcase Festival.


  1. Learn from experts on interaction and leave equipped with new tools you can apply to actively engage your delegates at future events.


  1. Discover C&I (Conversation and Input) instead of the old Q&A and go from 3% to 100% audience activation.


  1. Learn from festivals to help festivalise some components of your next event in order to create an experience that your delegates won’t forget and attract the younger generation.


  1. Take part in interaction technology showcases and workshops and discover several innovative tech companies and start-ups.


  1. Experience several different session formats and go home inspired with new techniques for your meeting design toolbox. This will help you become the go-to expert in your organisations.


Past FRESH editions:

FRESH18  https://vimeo.com/284901951 London, Copenhagen, Basel, Johannesburg

FRESH15 https://vimeo.com/219370328 Barcelona

FRESH14 https://vimeo.com/91276935 Copenhagen


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