5 proven content marketing tactics to steal for your next internal comms campaign

Sophie Thomas, the Marketing Manager of Vevox has compiled 5 content marketing tactics to borrow to create influential itnernal comms campaigns that get results.


1.) Find the why

It is easy to get caught in the trap of telling employees what you want them to do rather than why they need to do it and the benefits to them if they take action. By highlighting the purpose of your campaign you will get to the why early, allowing your employees to emotionaly invest and buy-in to your campaign.

2.) Email newsletters

In order to break down walls (if your employees work across multiple offices, regions,..) an internal newsletter is an opportunity to share stories and start conversations and bring awareness to other parts of the buiness. 

3.) Online events and webinars

To boost attendance and minimize travel time, consider running training sessions or mettings online using conference software.

4.) Personalisation

Creating quality content is time consuming and a lot of the time different customer groups have similar needs but will respond better to alternative content types or different language. By personalising your internal comms content, you increase the relevancy and therefore the likelihood that your message gets heard.

5.) Apps for inclusion and engagement

If you really want to connect with your emplyees, consider using an engagment or feedback app. Get people out of their inboxes and shake off meeting fatigue by providing a dedicated channel for honest feedback that doesn't consist of boring old pen and paper.


To read the full article, visit Vevox's blog here.



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