3 Day - Certificate Training in Meeting Design Technology

Tuesday, 4 July, 2017 - 09:00 to Thursday, 6 July, 2017 - 17:00
Turnhout - Belgium


Experience deep technology learning

Many presentations on technology are nice to have but don't give you any deeper understanding through hands-on experience. This training is very much hands on. Less presentations and more using the class room's pre installed laptops, tablets and tools plus your own smartphone to set up and work with several core technology elements.
You experience the technology personally; that is the best way to learn and remember. You will be able to explain, show and even set up and use the technology we have scheduled.

The topics

We carefully select 10 different technologies that will open up the entire scope of technology available today for meeting planners. From Volunteer management, over social media to co-creation software.
Each technology gets a whole two hour session to install, set up, execute a mini project, experiment, discuss, …
Each technology will be presented by an expert in that technology.

Sophisticated classroom

The classroom is equipped with up to date equipment so that every participant has access to a real and personal experience. We provide laptops, tablets and chrome books, wifi and cable, broadband internet connection and a second screen for all. Participants are invited to bring their own laptop  their smartphone.

Projection, presentation equipment, robots, AV, webcast tools and many more up to date technology is available for personal use, demo, etc.


WHO should attend this course

Meeting planners, designers, producers, facilitators, consultants, AV, etc. The course gives experience, innovative tools, confidence and convincing language arround meeting Technology. It elevates meeting planners from order takers to strategic partners.



The active involvement is verry high: hands on, practical use, group work and activities of all sorts...

WHY should you take this training?

Meeting professions should follow this training for these main reasons:

  • to stay up to date on the latest in meeting technology
  • to open up career possibilities by implementing meeting technology in meeting design and production and content
  • learning to discuss and convince partners and clients on the relevance of certain tools to support their objectives
  • to discover an ongoing stream of information via several resources
  • to grow a global network of advanced meeting professionals


The training venue in Turnhout is a large and flexible loft connected to a warehouse full of meeting technology.


How this training helps meeting professionals

After the course, Meeting planners can use the knowledge on Meeting Technologie for their own corporation or association meetings or events. This knowledge increases innovation and value and therefore drive careers forward to future success.

The training is very much hands on. With unique and up-to-date tools and technology.


Continuing Education Hours

The Meeting Design Institute is a CMP Preferred Provider. The participants of this training will earn 20 Continuing Education clock hours as defined by the Convention Industry Council.





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