Participate in the livestream: Hybrid event build on interactive concepts

Anyone who is invited to a conference today can now attend from the comfort of their home. Now, with 'hybrid events', parts of the audience are spatially separated: a part is present at the event, the virutal participants participatee live via the internet. All of this is possible, thanks to video streaming. With hybrid meetings, participants are encouranged to be active from afar. Audience response tools such as teambits:interactive enable equal audience participation for all participants. 


Hybrid events are based on interactive concepts

5 Compelling Reasons to Start Your Company Town Hall with a Poll

It’s common to have a Q&A section in your town hall, but let’s turn this on its head: Try asking your employees questions during a town hall instead. In our experience supporting various MNCs in their town hall operations, we learned that companies experience higher employee engagement if they start their town

How to Design an Event Sponsorship Package

Sponsors are a crucial source of revenue for events, so it is important to make sure that you are able to offer competitive and valuable event sponsorship package option.

Why should sponsors invest their budget into your events? The biggest demand tends to be a need for customisation of event sponsorship package features, establishing connectiosn with attendees, integration with the various event technology used throughout the event for maximum brand exposure and of course Return On Investment. 

The two most common ways to approach building event sponsorship packages are:

How to Create Personalised Experiences Before, During and After an Event

Many consumers noways expect tailored encountrs across any brand interaction - including event experiences. 

When it comes to personalisation at eveent it is about using event tech to creat personalised experiences before, after and during an event, so attendees feel more engaged and find the event memorable.




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